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Revlon Professional UNIQ ONE COCONUT hair treatment 150 ml


Revlon Professional UniqONE Coconut Hair Treatment contains 10 real benefits for healthy and unique hair. With its Coconut fragrance, it is perfect for dry hair that are damaged by environmental agents or chemicals. Repairs the hair fibre while adding extreme shine and fighting frizz.


1. Repairs dry and damaged hair.
2. Provides shine and frizz-control.
3. Protects from heat.
4. Leaves hair silky and smooth.
5. Protects the colour with UVA and UVB filters.
6. Eases brushing and smoothing process.
7. Amazingly detangles hair.
8. Long-lasting styling.
9. Prevents split ends.
10. Leaves hair full-bodied.

Technology Enriched with an incredibly natural, delicious and creamy fragrance. The top notes of this blend remind coconut, dairy milk, cotton candy, toasted almonds and vanilla scents.

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How to use Revlon Professional UNIQ ONE COCONUT hair treatment

Spray onto damp hair holding the can 20 cm from hair (long hair: 10-15 sprays; medium-long hair: 7-12 sprays; short hair: 6-8 sprays), detangle hair with a comb and style as desired ( blow-dry, iron or air-dry).

Spray the product on the hand and apply it onto dry hair (long hair: 4-6 sprays;medium-long hair: 3-5 sprays; short hair: 2-3 sprays), massage with the fingertips and apply from medium-lenghts to ends. Blow-dry or iron if needed.