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Face Workout

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View Face Workout focused on toning and strengthening the muscles in your face. This is typically achieved through a combination of facial massage, acupressure, and resistance training exercises. The idea behind face Workout is to improve the tone and elasticity of the skin, which can help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and improve facial contours. Face Workout exercises improve circulation, promote lymphatic drainage, and enhance overall skin health.

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Express Facial:

  • Express Facial is all about instant glow! It includes cleansing, scrubbing, followed by a face mask, serum, and moisturizer for that perfect looking skin.

Express Gym:

  • A quick form of face gym. It’s highly recommended for those of you who are always on the go. Applying hand pressure to release knots and tension as well as boosting blood circulation.

Face yoga:

  • Face yoga is a routine of facial exercises that will let your skin look a lot younger! It stimulates blood flow into your face while triggering the needed pressure points to keep your face at ease. For a fresh, rejuvenated skin and a natural lift, we recommend you to do it weekly!

Face Gym:

  • The key to healthy, youthful skin is exercising the muscles beneath it! A non-invasive workout to lift, sculpt, and tone your facial muscles using hand pressure and Face Gym tools. Recommended Weekly.

Diamond treatment:

  • A deep facial cleansing , scrubbing, and extraction. Using diamond treatment machines and tools to unclog the pores, detoxify and gently exfoliate. The treatment will leave you with a super hydrated and revitalized skin.

The Signature

  • Using a combination of the face gym massage techniques and face yoga to lift, contour and reduce facial tension. It’s the perfect session to get your skin in top condition. The combination will give your skin that next-level GLOW!