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Donatti Complesso Blond Mask 300g


Donatti Complesso Blond line: Composed of Shampoo, Balm and Mascara mattizers that provide better compatibility, shine and color uniformity. Keeping the blonde healthy and neutralizing unwanted tones.


Donatti Complesso Blond Mask Maintenance for platinum blond hair, with light streaks, or gray. An innovative treatment with nano technological pigments, which provides softness and enhances blonds, avoiding frizz and the dry appearance of hair. Giving the perfect balance between color, shine, silkiness and treatment for a precious and shiny blonde.

* INDICATION: * Blonde hair, bleached, with streaks or gray.

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Donatti Complesso Blond Mask to maintain the treatment. Made with high impact capillary assets and concentrated tinting power.
The Blonde Mask works by neutralizing the yellowish effect on blond hair and moisturizing at the same time. It’s formulation with high pigmentation power, has powerful assets that together will give the hair the strength, softness and shine they need. They contain active ingredients that will work together acting in the reconstruction and revitalization of the threads, coating the hair with a protective film that prevents external damage to the hair fiber.

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